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Aloe arborescens is a succulent plant of the Aloacee family, is used as an ornamental plant in gardens, both as a medicinal plant with strong rejuvenating and detoxifying powers. It is a plant known since ancient times, quoted by Christopher Columbus on his return from his travels, described it as a plant with great healing powers. It is perennial herb, up to 4 m high highly branched, naturally expands into large bushes with very branched inflorescences large leaves are up to 50 cm with indentations thorny protruding about 5 mm, the flowers are in clusters of color red. It is a self-sterile plant is therefore only plays with the cross-pollination because the male and female flowers on the same plant does not cross each loro.La Aloe multiplication takes place either by seed or by division of basal shoots, multiplies easily by cuttings. Cut the top of the rosette of leaves, it is placed to dry until it contacts the callus. Then he plants in a rich sandy loam (can be sand and peat) and expects rooting. The stem is remaining fairly short cuts, so others will produce good castings for other talee.La plant is known for its multiple properties fitoterapiche.Ha mainly laxative effects (especially due to the content of anthraquinone) and healing (with the topical use). The natives (such as Mexico or Brazil) used it mainly to protect themselves from the sun for its soothing powers, moisturizing and protective as well as having a mild anti-inflammatory effect. A precaution of use is recommended for people suffering from intestinal problems (for the irritant action that substances contained in the plant can cause the intestinal walls) and for diabetics who use insulin, because aloe lowers the glycemic index and this should be calculated in the use of insulina. È been suggested its use as an adjunct to chemotherapy in the treatment of cancro.Le information provided is not medical advice and may not be accurate. The contents are only for illustrative purposes and do not replace medical advice. Available potted plants with different sizes and diameters
Aloe Arborescens pot plant
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